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FishCenter Standings

Displays the current standings for FishCenter Live, a daily comedy call-in show streamed on Adult Swim's website, in which fish in a tank are awarded points based on their swimming patterns and from games played by the hosts and callers.

The app grabs the standings from the FishCenter webpage and displays them as a menu on the watch. It lists the fish showing their most recent and total weekly scores, and then selecting a fish shows its daily point values this week. Long press the Select button to refresh the data.

Disclaimer: This app is an independent fan project and is not affiliated with or produced by FishCenter or Adult Swim.

Download: Install from the Pebble App Store


Oregon Trail

Requires the app Canvas for Pebble (Android only).

A watchface based on the classic computer game Oregon Trail.

Download: Oregon_Trail.pcs v1.0 (84.1 KB, requires Canvas for Pebble)


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